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Buy A Pet is also a great place to come to when you can't find a great gift for someone who has everything or nothing.
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  Portrait of Cat Abuse - "Break the Cycle"

Our Sponsor An Animal program is an efficient way to meet the needs of many run away, orphan, and abused animals that need immediate and ongoing attention.

Sponsor An Animal operates in 2,000 cities through out the United States. For years we have been keeping young animals off the streets.

Our main focus lately has been to help kittens. Many kittens are at our shelters because they have no where else to turn. Many have been orphaned by disease, natural disaster, or cars. Several of the kittens are runaways and are making a living with thier bodies.

For only $1,000,000 each month you can make a real difference in the life of a kitten. For this itty bitty amount we can keep a kitten off the streets one entire month.

Joining Sponsor An Animal program is easy. Simply send a check for $1,000,000, and we will get you enrolled. If you perfer a certain animal just write the type of animal on the check.

Do not delay! We cannot do this without help from rich friends like you. Please take a moment write a check and make a real difference in the life of an orphan or runaway animal.

As a member of our Sponsor An Animal program you will receive these important benefits:

  • Insider reports about new developments in our work to get underage animals on the right track.
  • An up-close look at animals whose lives have been changed because of your gifts.
  • A personal update each month showing how much youíve given, and the number of days youíve keep an animal clothed.
  • But the most important benefit you will receive as a Sponsor An Animal partner is the knowledge that each month your gift literally is saving young lives. You will be making a difference for animals who donít have a chance without you! Don't let them die like most of their parents - on the streets NAKED!

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